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Acupuncture  is the one of the most effective alternative treatment for many body problems such as acute and chronic pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety without side effect. Acupuncture points throughout the body to restore the flow of Qi balance the body's energy, stimulate healing, and promote relaxation

            일침 한의원 Clinic  Hours

             Monday  to Saturday 

                  10 AM to 6 PM

           Sunday by appointment

   Welcome : Blue cross/shield. Florida                       Cigna insurance                                     

               Welcome : Walk in

         Pain Control:Neck,Shoulder

                 Back, Arm, Leg.

             Well-being Consult

           Anxiety, insomnia, Stress

             Infertility, Scar revision

         Post Care after surgery or

         Radiation, Chemo therapy


Vitamin B12, Collagen and natural

herbal  extracts injection therapy

for keeping skin younger, healthy                     and diminishing wrinkles


David M Park

(Acupuncture Physician)


Pain Control Specialty

(Neck, shoulder, back)

5200 W Newberry Rd Suite D-8

Gainesville FL 32607


352 283 3637

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