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Q Acupuncture and Anti-aging Center?

중국 의학 허브

Chinese (Oriental) Herbal Medicine             


                                                                                                  Q Acupuncture &                                                                                     Anti-aging Center

침술 세션
여성 흰색 함박 웃음

   Vitamin B12 & Collagen                 Therapy for Skin

Diminish wrinkles and helping younger &                       Healthier  Skin

Acupuncture Therapy for Shoulder                 Back, Arm, Legs Pain

                                   About Dr. David Park

Dr. Park was born in South Korea and graduated from Korea University with a major in health & science. He immigrated to the USA in 1986 and completed his premedical course in Illinois. After working for more than ten years in hospitals, he became interested in holistic medicine, especially acupuncture. He decided to pursue his studies in Oriental Medicine at one of the renowned universities,  South Baylo University in California. He obtained a California Acupuncture license and an Acupuncture Physician license in Florida. He is a member of the America Apitherapy Association and California Acupuncture Association. He visited Korea and China to learn about various acupuncture techniques. Dr. Park's specialties are pain control, anti-aging, cosmetic, and general wellness issues.

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